i dunno what it takes
it must take a lotta mistakes
it must take you far from home
a good ways from ohio
i dunno what it means
i just used to float now i sink
water on now i'm gone 
who will discover me 
discover me
i'm pickin up my leaves
tell me if you feel some green
there's not much left to see 
what was that you wanted me to be

Take Me

take me to 
the state pound
cause i'm comin down
take me to 
my place in the ground
no, i'll take myself
what's left
all the rest went
somewhere i dunno
i must'a gave the wheel to some dark angel
before you show me to my mom
give me a good shave
but dont you try and save 
some image of the innocence
from which i fell

Stupid Rabbit

if you go
go so i won't know
slip out 
dip out
don't you worry about a note
but if you come back again
come screaming in my window
every time i think of you
it's all i can do
to keep from crying
ain't it a damn damn shame
i hope that's something you would say
if you go 
just go don't go slowly
cause i can feel you crawling
so i'll see ya when you're falling
i'll see ya when you're falling down
i was thinking have you seen 
me without you it's a dream
it's a harmony korine
and you know what i mean
every time i think of you 
it's all i can do 
it's all i can do