Jordan Kirk is a singer/songwriter residing in Columbus, OH. He started writing folky, intimate pop ballads when he was 13 and performing them in his then small hometown on Lake Erie with a band of friends. Some years later, in 2014, he started recording and performing as a self-titled solo artist. He's released two LPs, the first, "Abundant Sunshine", a self-recorded collection of raw folk songs with smatterings of psychedelia, and the second, "Ragamuffin Parade", a cohesive start-to-finish listening experience of dark and dreamy indie rock, folk and blues, recorded at Columbus' historic Musicol Recording Studio in analog. 

Kirk's latest work, a single titled "Donnie (American Heaven)" slated for March 4th, is the first remotely political thing he's done in almost two decades, and like the last, it was completely unplanned. The first verse just poured out of him like divine inspiration one sleep-deprived evening after working all day in the summer sun: 

"Donnie went to heaven/Just to expand the sales base/Everybody's getting a taste/Cause this ain't nobody's commie safe-space"

Confounded by the overwhelming disparity between the ideals of modern Christian Conservatism and Christ, and fascinated with the idea of Trump as a folk hero in his follower's eyes, arose out of Kirk a folktale in which Trump (Donnie) is imagined to ascend to heaven wielding the current agenda of White Christian Nationalism, unopposed. 

Jordan Kirk's second LP, "Ragamuffin Parade" (Scioto Records) received airplay from over 100 college and independent radio stations. He followed up the album's release with a year and a half of touring in the U.S. culminating in a performance at Bunbury Music Festival. As soon as there is consensus that it is safe and responsible to do so, Jordan Kirk will resume touring, and recording full-band arrangements for his next album. 


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